Cancer in the 
Family Relief Fund

 About Us

Our mission is to support children in their time of need, and work towards a greater good. Extracurricular activities are critical during a family's time of crisis. We attempt to provide some normalcy to a child while his or her parent is focusing on treatment and recovery.  Whether a family is experiencing a financial crisis resulting from a diagnosis, or they just need some extra funds for "luxuries" because every extra dollar is going to medication costs... we want to help. We want to encourage and facilitate each child's passion whether it be sports, music, art or any other activity.  Our non-profit organization serves people of all races, creeds, and religions. A family/child simply needs to request assistance.

Our Inspiration:

In October of 2007, Kathleen began daycare four days a week with Sherryl "RaRa" Morris. RaRa was truly a daily inspiration simultaneously battling her cancer diagnosis and caring for multiple toddlers.  "I can't wait to get back to work.  Spending time with those children is the best medicine in the world."  Even though her activity was limited at times, she was always happy to give a bottle, read a book, or provide multiple hugs.  In a private conversation she once confessed that during radiation/chemotherapy she realized how much treatment effected not only the patient but the entire family.  Her hope was to help a handful of children in her hometown - but our hope is to help many more.

RaRa lost her battle in March 2010 and a loving tribute was made by former parents of the daycare services.  A bench near a children's playground will forever honor her love for children.  Yet - we were inspired to create a more living tribute  - and facilitate her dream of making it just a little easier on those directly effected by a diagnosis of cancer.

Thus, CFRF was born.

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