Cancer in the 
Family Relief Fund

 Programs & Assistance

CFRF has been fortunate to be a part of the lives of many wonderful people.
If you or someone you know could benefit from CFRF's program, please download the form below and request assistance.
All submissions are carefully considered!

Recent Grants:

Lyba - ballet tuition
Father diagnosis - liver cancer

Natalie & Lena - YMCA membership
Mother diagnosis - breast cancer

Carter - takamine accoustic guitar
Father diagnosis - stage 4 lymphoma

Jacob - gymnastic classes
Mother diagnosis - hodgkins lymphoma/pregnancy

Zachary - piano lessons and keyboard
Mother diagnosis - mulitple myeloma

Alivia - dance lessons
Step Father diagnosis - stage 4 lung cancer

Vanessa & Nathan - summer camp
Mother diagnosis - breast cancer

Assistance Requests:   We rely upon the generosity of personal donations and at this time are unable to meet high program demand.
Please email us via the 'Contact Us' page and request to be added to our wait list.
Fulfillment of grants typically runs 30-45 days.

Grants of $300-500 are provided to encourage a child's extracurricular activities. 
Suggestions include, but certainly are not limited to:

voice lessons • after-school sports • violin lessons • soccer club • swim team • paints and brushes • ceramics classes • ski team 
• uniforms and cleats • ballet lessons • chess club • gardening tools • cycling equipment • after-school tutoring • summer camp • 
drama club • field trips • piano lessons • lacrosse team • creative writing classes • play gym • science camp • etc

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